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Legacy Alumni and Faculty Circle

In 1924, four devout women from the Pallottine Missionary Sisters, inspired by founder St. Vincent Pallotti’s motto, “The Love of Christ Impels Us,” left the comforts of their homes and families in Bremerhaven, Germany for a life dedicated to serving those in need in the United States. They eventually landed in rural West Virginia and opened up a hospital in Huntington. In 1926, the hospital established St. Mary’s School of Nursing.

Today, 90 years later, St. Mary’s School of Nursing holds the distinction of being the oldest nursing program in West Virginia boasting over 3,500 graduates. The school is still owned and operated by St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Pledge today to be a member.

The Alumni Circle of the St. Mary’s School of Nursing is dedicated to providing nursing education opportunities for future generations.

We are pleased to introduce our Alumni Circle that will enable the St. Mary’s School of Nursing to build upon its outstanding achievement in providing West Virginia communities with highly trained and compassionate nursing professionals.

Our Legacy

Our Alumni Circle builds on the legacy of our founders, the Pallottine Missionary Sisters, and their vision of serving the community with love, compassion and belief in the dignity of everyone. These core values inspire the School of Nursing everyday to strive to provide top-quality, affordable, and accessible education for all of our students.

“My involvement in the alumni has been a labor of love. Becoming a member of the St. Mar y’s Legacy Alumni Circle is one way I’ve chosen to support the future of my alma mater.”

Mayme Caudill Chapman, R.N. President St. Mary’s School of Nursing Alumni, Class of 1948

Our Impact

The School of Nursing serves an important need by targeting Appalachian residents from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, a traditionally underserved population, who face many barriers that prevent them from acquiring higher education.

Our dedication to making higher education affordable and accessible, distinguishes the School of Nursing from other universities and colleges in the region. We foster a wide-range of healthcare career opportunities. Today, the role of the School of Nursing is heightened more than ever because of the large contingent of local and regional students who desire to stay in the area for employment. Our graduates fill an immediate void in the regional healthcare industry.

The nursing education that I received at St. Mary's School of Nursing provided the foundation for me to have a wonderful career of 41 years in nursing. I could never have accomplished this without the skills and knowledge I gained at St. Mary's. Joining the Alumni Legacy Circle enables me to say "THANK YOU" to St Mary's and also to help ensure the continuation of the School of Nursing.

Barbara Bales Stevens, Class of 1959

How do I become a member?

It is quite easy and often there is no cost at all today to establish your legacy gift. The Alumni Circle will welcome anyone who indicates on the form below that they have already named, or will name, St. Mary’s School of Nursing/Foundation as a beneficiary in their will. When you inform us of your gift we respect your wishes for participation, recognition or anonymity as you prefer. Any details of your gift that you disclose are held in strictest confidence.

Legacy Alumni and Faculty Circle Form

What are some popular options?

  • Name St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation (SMMCF) as a bequest beneficiary in your will or living trust on behalf of St. Mary’s School of Nursing. Bequests can be made in many ways:
    • General Bequests provide maximum benefit by leaving funds or property without designating its use: “I give (dollar amount) to SMMCF on behalf of St. Mary’s School of Nursing to be used for exempt purposes.”
    • Specific Bequests identify a specific piece of property: “I bequeath 250 shares of XYZ, Inc. common stock to SMMCF on behalf of the St. Mary’s School of Nursing to be used for exempt purposes.”
    • Residuary Bequests direct all or a portion of one’s estate after payments of debts, taxes and expenses of estate administration: “All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate I give to SMMCF on behalf of the St. Mary’s School of Nursing to be used for exempt purposes.”
    • Percentage Bequests give a portion of the donors’ estate, expressed as a percentage: “I give 30% of my estate to SMMCF on behalf of the St. Mary’s School of Nursing to be used for exempt purposes.”
  • Name SMMCF on behalf of St. Mary’s School of Nursing as an owner/ beneficiary in a no longer used life insurance policy;
  • Provide a gift from your retirement assets, such as 401k plan or IRA;
  • Provide a gift of cash or appreciated stock to the foundation to fund a charitable gift annuity for which you will in return receive fixed and guaranteed income for life;
  • Gift your vacation home or residence AND retain the right to use the property throughout your life. This will generate a current income tax deduction and allow you to remove the property from your taxable estate. Upon your passing it will then become part of St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation (for the benefit of the St. Mary’s School of Nursing).

Why now?

  • Most importantly we would like to say thank you now instead of thanking your heirs or executor.
  • We want to recognize the importance of your gift for the future of St. Mary’s School of Nursing and make sure it accomplishes what you intend.

Legacy Alumni and Faculty Supporters

  • Linda Benbrook
  • Chyrl Budd
  • Julie Durken Burgett
  • Dorcas Burlingame
  • Elsie Caudill
  • Mayme Caudill Chapman
  • Dr. Coletta Klug
  • Dr. Shelia M. Kyle
  • Faye Prince
  • Oletta Riffe
  • Margaret Roche
  • Robin Rowe-Creasy
  • Barbara Stevens
  • Lisa Stover
  • Jeani Thomas