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St. Mary's Legacy

The St. Mary's Legacy was created to honor its members for their commitment to the health of our region. Gifts from St. Mary's Legacy members through their wills, trusts or other estate gifts ensure the continued vitality and development of St. Mary's from one generation to the next.

  • Ken and Sharon Ambrose
    Ms. Linda Benbrook
    Chyrl Budd
    Julie Durken Burgett
    John and Dorcas Burlingame
    Robert and Patricia Chambers
    Mayme Caudill Chapman
    Marguerite David
    Charles Harless
    Bob and Cyndi Hardwick
    Jack Houvouras
    Doug and Dorothy Kesner
    Dr. Coletta Klug
    Dr. Shelia M. Kyle & Dr. Larry D. Kyle
    Tom and Sally McGill
    Mae Nangle
    Ms. Lorraine Napier
    Tim and Jana Parnell
    Ms. Faye Prince
    Beulah and Vernal Raines
    Mrs. Oletta Riffe
    Margaret Roche
    Mrs. Robin Rowe-Creasy
    Peter Sauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Sellards
    David and Julie Sheils
    Todd and Shelley Shell
    Don and Karen Simmons
    Wanda Spurlock
    James and Barbara Stevens
    Lisa Stover
    Jeani Thomas
    Drs. Joseph and Omayma Touma
    Marc and Nancy Williams
  • Two Anonymous legacy members