Privacy Policy

The St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation (SMMCF) acknowledges and appreciates your time with the SMMCF website.  Because of this, we would like you to know that any information you may allow us to access will be treated with the same amount of respect that we uphold throughout our entire organization. In addition, we are aware that Internet-based technologies are ever-changing, and we are prepared to change with them.  For further privacy policy updates and various questions related to the St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation privacy policy, please contact Velma Workman at 304.526.6314.

Where Your Personal Information is Requested

  • Donation form
  • Exclusive offers
  • E-Newsletter updates

What We Do

Any information received through the SMMCF website is filtered and read through thoroughly and processed for any requests at the SMMCF headquarters in Huntington, WV. In the instance of retrieving information, some of the data may be stored in a central server for later use. Information is then intermittently deleted for the protection of the user. Any information collected will only be used for SMMCF related news updates.

What We Will Not Do

  • We will not sell or lease your information to any unknown entities or other third-parties.
  • We will not flood your email with unwanted or unsolicited junk mail.
  • We will not keep any personal or credit card information.
  • We will not use or release any personal information unless permission is clearly granted by the user, in which case someone from the SMMCF will contact you.

Additional Info

Persons may send requests to be removed from mailing list by emailing or writing to:

St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation
2900 First Avenue
Huntington, WV 25701